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What’s the Tea? | July 2, 2019

What’s the Tea this week with Millennial Mission Media? Get ready for us to spill it.


This week on A New Perspective, Writer/Producer Jon Paul Burkhart comes on as a guest to make Amber & Justin watch the 2006 Todd Field film “Little Children.” If you haven’t seen it, it’s quite heavy, dealing with pedophilia, extramarital affairs, police shootings, and midwestern “middle class” malaise.

You can listen to the episode HERE:

On Under the Influence(r), Evan Sloan brings on @Lizze.Gordon to discuss what it’s like managing the social media career of her dog, @MisterBubz. She tells stories about how her dog allowed her to meet Ozzy Osbourne, accounts who tried to steal her dog’s identity, and generally what it feels like to have a pet more famous than you are.

Listen to that episode HERE:

Anonymous Apologies this week was about what it means to feel sorry for being “too honest,” as well as the feeling you get when you never apologized to your father before he died.

Check that out HERE:

Then we have In the Now with TechtonicPOP, which broke down the Top 10 Songwriters to Artists, or the best performers who used to write music for some of yesterday’s biggest stars. There are some names on the list that you may not have heard of, so if you’re into music, definitely don’t miss this!

You can listen check the episode out right HERE:

Lastly we have SuggeStory, which released a new story episode but also an exclusive bonus episode, where screenwriter Justin Xavier breaks down his writing process behind the 2018 Christmas Horror film “Sick For Toys.”

Check out the Sick For Toys episode HERE: , & listen to the regular episode, where Justin completed a story for the sentence, “I don’t think I can eat any more of these today,” HERE:

The Triple-M Digital Detox

It’s a new month, which means yesterday was the start of a brand new Digital Detox! From the 1st to the 7th every month, Triple-M hosts a week of elective cell phone and social media non-use. People around the world collectively decide, “For the next seven days, I’m not going to check my phone.”

We provide the alternate activities, games, meditations, and tasks to fill your time and replace the endorphins you’d normally get online. At the end of the seven days, everyone comes together (digitally, of course) to share their experiences and the artwork they produced during their time away!

Make sure to follow along on Instagram, @millennialmissionmedia, for more information about upcoming Detoxes, participant artwork & experiences, and how you can participate in the future!


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Millennial Mission Media is a company built for people who want to make positive changes for a brighter future. We create media and hybrid experiences (physical + digital) that emphasize education, entertainment, and enlightenment in the digital age. We believe in utilizing a digital ecosystem to build a collective of like-minded individuals intent on spreading love, peace, and happiness to our new global community.

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