Exciting news on the Millennial Mission Media front this week: This weekend, you can meet us IN PERSON at the Mission Hills Art Circuit!

On Friday, July 12th, TripleM will have a booth where you’ll be able to interact with us, enter our raffle to win a FREE set of AirPods, contribute to future podcasts, meet Luna Indica Lovegood, and more!

I’m Luna Indica Lovegood and I’ll be at da fair thingy on Friday if you wanna give me scratches

Get your hands on the Triple-M Digital Detox and learn what we’re all about! It’s going down for real.

Now, on to what’s new with Millennial Mission Media this week!


A New Perspective

On this week’s episode, an Englishman, a Hawaiian, and a Wisconsinite walk into a podcast recording booth to talk about the United States of America. That’s right, it’s the start of a brand new miniseries on FREEDOM! Special guest singer/songwriter LEE BROWN is here to discuss why he decided to move to Los Angeles from a small town in England, differences he’s noticed about the people here, and then shows off his latest single, “Not Gonna Buy Your Love”!


Under the Influence(r)

This week, Evan sits down with Jackelyn Shultz, who you may know as the America’s Got Talent Red Carpet correspondent, or from her YouTube channel “Life With Jackie,” or even as Howie Mandel’s daughter. She talks about the unique challenges of being a YouTube influencer and a mother, the reason YouTube disabled comments on mommy blogs, and what it was like growing up on the road.


Anonymous Apologies

This week, for the first time, Justin flat-out refuses to forgive someone’s apology! Luna tags along and does her best to understand human drama.


In the Now with TechtonicPOP

This week, the Scooter / TSwift drama comes to a head when Jer & Monica decide to discuss Scott “Scooter” Braun’s impact on the music industry (they swear they chose this topic months ago). They both showed up ready to fight: Whose side are they on?


Paradise Privilege

This week, Amber-Tiana talks to Queena Tahi, owner of “808 Business Moms,” about all of the unique benefits and challenges of starting a business in Hawaii. You don’t want to miss it!



“Once he said it, he couldn’t unsay it.”

The story this week concerns Millennials, technology, and rewriting the history of mankind.


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Millennial Mission Media is a company built for people who want to make positive changes for a brighter future. We create media and hybrid experiences (physical + digital) that emphasize education, entertainment, and enlightenment in the digital age. We believe in utilizing a digital ecosystem to build a collective of like-minded individuals intent on spreading love, peace, and happiness to our new global community.

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