Teleportation and the Future of Technology

You’ve seen in on Star Trek. You’ve witnessed it on Doctor Who. Most of the sci-fi films of the last 60 years have used it as a plot device: Teleportation!

For a long time, teleportation of humans has been thought to be impossible, yet science fiction writers continue to use it and believe that one day, it will be possible. Just because we haven’t figured something out yet doesn’t mean we never will.

And as it turns out, teleportation might not be science-fiction anymore! It’s around the corner. Although scientists are still divided on whether or not teleportation of humans is possible, China has recently had a breakthrough that is a giant leap forward in teleportation tech.

Okay, maybe not this kind of teleportation…

For almost a year, Chinese scientists have been doing research using Quantum Entanglement to teleport electrons from their laboratory on the ground in Tibet. However, this week marks an historic breakthrough, as they have managed to teleport an electron from their facility to a low-orbiting satellite 300 miles away.

Theoretical depiction of a teleportation tunnel.

Now, before you get too excited about the possibility of teleporting to work to avoid the traffic, it’s important to note that they didn’t actually send an electron to space: they sent all of the information from an electron on Earth to its partnered, or “entangled,” electron on the satellite. So while this is a huge step forward in our understanding of space & time, it may be another few decades before we’re sending more than a single atom.

That’s not to say it’s impossible. Barely more than 100 years ago, we didn’t have nuclear power, airplanes, the ability to get to space, cell phones, or any of the technologies that have warped our planet. In another 100 years, we may well be teleporting 3D-printed food from a factory off-world directly into our homes.

Quantum Entanglement

So, what do you think? Is this an exciting breakthrough that will lead us into a new age of human evolution? Or is it just a pipe dream? Let us know in the comments below!

The future is unknown but we can help shape it.

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What’s the Tea? | July 16, 2019 | Developments & News

Welcome to the Triple-M newsletter where we fill you in on all the tea in the Millennial Mission Media universe. Let’s get to it!


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Our latest video features an interview with top YouTuber Hannah Forcier, from the podcast Under the Influence(r)!


A New Perspective

Have you heard of OJ Simpson? Because our friend Nelson thought maybe he was a brand of juice, or maybe he was a person who might have raped someone.

This was obviously unacceptable for us. So we forced him to watch the entirety of FX’s The People Vs. OJ Simpson (we watched it on Netflix) to teach him about the recent history of the criminal justice system and how racism plays such an important role in literally every criminal case in the United States.

The episode is available on Stitcher, Podbean, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play. Link:

The podcast where two people can be looking at the same thing & see something completely different.

Under the Influence(r)

For his 10th episode, Evan Sloan turns the microphones around and puts himself in the hot seat. He figured it’s only fair, if he’s going to ask his guests to reveal their innermost selves, that he do the same.

It’s an all-out Evan-on-Evan episode as he tells his story: moving to Los Angeles, acting in films, becoming a live broadcaster, and the day to day life & struggle of being an influencer. Check it out on Stitcher, Spotify, Podbean, Apple Podcasts, & Google Play. Link:

We sit down with top social media influencers and get to the bottom of who they really are as people!

Anonymous Apologies

This week, Luna & Justin field two new apologies, one about a loose snake (!!), and the other about not putting enough effort into a relationship to keep it alive.

Check it out HERE:

We all make mistakes, but we don’t all get the chance to say we’re sorry…

In the Now with TechtonicPOP

This week, get the tea on Jer & Monica’s Top 10 DIVAS! They go throughout music history (and beyond!) to discuss what makes a diva a diva, who best embodies the diva personality, and who might be a diva on the rise! All that and more on this week’s In the Now!

Available on Stitcher, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, & Podbean. Link:

Get your fix on the positive side of pop culture news with TechtonicPOP!

Paradise Privilege

This week, Amber-Tiana sits down with Christian Masuda from Waianae, Hawaii to discuss what it feels like when you think you’ve reached your peak in high school, how someone from a small island in the pacific discovered his love for snowboarding, and the stress of feeling like you’re not allowed to be your full self at home with your family.

Paradise Privilege is available on Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, Apple Podcasts, & Podbean. Link:

What’s it really like being from an island?

Coming Soon

New podcasts are coming down the pipes! We have three in active development, including a weekly recap of HBO’s Euphoria (which is incredible!) and more!

What’s the Tea? | 7/8/19

Exciting news on the Millennial Mission Media front this week: This weekend, you can meet us IN PERSON at the Mission Hills Art Circuit!

On Friday, July 12th, TripleM will have a booth where you’ll be able to interact with us, enter our raffle to win a FREE set of AirPods, contribute to future podcasts, meet Luna Indica Lovegood, and more!

I’m Luna Indica Lovegood and I’ll be at da fair thingy on Friday if you wanna give me scratches

Get your hands on the Triple-M Digital Detox and learn what we’re all about! It’s going down for real.

Now, on to what’s new with Millennial Mission Media this week!


A New Perspective

On this week’s episode, an Englishman, a Hawaiian, and a Wisconsinite walk into a podcast recording booth to talk about the United States of America. That’s right, it’s the start of a brand new miniseries on FREEDOM! Special guest singer/songwriter LEE BROWN is here to discuss why he decided to move to Los Angeles from a small town in England, differences he’s noticed about the people here, and then shows off his latest single, “Not Gonna Buy Your Love”!

Under the Influence(r)

This week, Evan sits down with Jackelyn Shultz, who you may know as the America’s Got Talent Red Carpet correspondent, or from her YouTube channel “Life With Jackie,” or even as Howie Mandel’s daughter. She talks about the unique challenges of being a YouTube influencer and a mother, the reason YouTube disabled comments on mommy blogs, and what it was like growing up on the road.

Anonymous Apologies

This week, for the first time, Justin flat-out refuses to forgive someone’s apology! Luna tags along and does her best to understand human drama.

In the Now with TechtonicPOP

This week, the Scooter / TSwift drama comes to a head when Jer & Monica decide to discuss Scott “Scooter” Braun’s impact on the music industry (they swear they chose this topic months ago). They both showed up ready to fight: Whose side are they on?

Paradise Privilege

This week, Amber-Tiana talks to Queena Tahi, owner of “808 Business Moms,” about all of the unique benefits and challenges of starting a business in Hawaii. You don’t want to miss it!


“Once he said it, he couldn’t unsay it.”

The story this week concerns Millennials, technology, and rewriting the history of mankind.

What’s the Tea? | July 2, 2019

What’s the Tea this week with Millennial Mission Media? Get ready for us to spill it.


This week on A New Perspective, Writer/Producer Jon Paul Burkhart comes on as a guest to make Amber & Justin watch the 2006 Todd Field film “Little Children.” If you haven’t seen it, it’s quite heavy, dealing with pedophilia, extramarital affairs, police shootings, and midwestern “middle class” malaise.

You can listen to the episode HERE:

On Under the Influence(r), Evan Sloan brings on @Lizze.Gordon to discuss what it’s like managing the social media career of her dog, @MisterBubz. She tells stories about how her dog allowed her to meet Ozzy Osbourne, accounts who tried to steal her dog’s identity, and generally what it feels like to have a pet more famous than you are.

Listen to that episode HERE:

Anonymous Apologies this week was about what it means to feel sorry for being “too honest,” as well as the feeling you get when you never apologized to your father before he died.

Check that out HERE:

Then we have In the Now with TechtonicPOP, which broke down the Top 10 Songwriters to Artists, or the best performers who used to write music for some of yesterday’s biggest stars. There are some names on the list that you may not have heard of, so if you’re into music, definitely don’t miss this!

You can listen check the episode out right HERE:

Lastly we have SuggeStory, which released a new story episode but also an exclusive bonus episode, where screenwriter Justin Xavier breaks down his writing process behind the 2018 Christmas Horror film “Sick For Toys.”

Check out the Sick For Toys episode HERE: , & listen to the regular episode, where Justin completed a story for the sentence, “I don’t think I can eat any more of these today,” HERE:

The Triple-M Digital Detox

It’s a new month, which means yesterday was the start of a brand new Digital Detox! From the 1st to the 7th every month, Triple-M hosts a week of elective cell phone and social media non-use. People around the world collectively decide, “For the next seven days, I’m not going to check my phone.”

We provide the alternate activities, games, meditations, and tasks to fill your time and replace the endorphins you’d normally get online. At the end of the seven days, everyone comes together (digitally, of course) to share their experiences and the artwork they produced during their time away!

Make sure to follow along on Instagram, @millennialmissionmedia, for more information about upcoming Detoxes, participant artwork & experiences, and how you can participate in the future!

What’s the Tea? | June 18, 2019

What’s the Tea this week with Millennial Mission Media? Sit down, grab a drink, settle in, because we’re about to spill it.


If you’re unaware, Amber-Tiana (Owner & Founder of @millennialmissionmedia) has a video series called “Topless Tiana Topics” where she talks about the realness and any random topic she chooses (usually something that’s happening in the news or in social justice movements) while topless & covering her nipples with her hands. The series quickly became very popular, with thousands of viewers and repeated, constant messages from people feeling inspired and overjoyed that someone was pushing boundaries while still playing by the rules.

This week, Instagram decided to ban the hashtag #ToplessTianaTopics from use. They’ve taken down or removed her IGTV videos where she’s topless. At no point in these videos are her nipples visible, but Instagram chose to take the videos down, citing “nudity or pornography.” Amber was angry, but decided to just be more careful and cover her nipples with tape and then covering the tape with her hands.

Instagram took down that video, too, citing “pornography.”

Amber isn’t giving up. She’s currently looking for a new home for ToplessTianaTopics, so stay tuned for next week’s blog where we announce the new home for the series!


As happens every week on Millennial Mission Media, six new podcast episodes were released! All Triple-M podcasts are available on GooglePlay, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, & iTunes.

On A New Perspective, DETOX month continues as Amber & Justin bring on a guest [Sam Belecha] to talk about detoxing from anything unhealthy in your life, even if that includes your own parents. All three people on the podcast this week have experience with toxic or abusive home environments, and they talk about how cutting off communication with their parents made them feel happier, more alive, and finally free to be themselves.


Stitcher: ​​

On Under the Influence(r), host Evan Sloan brings on Justin Xavier to talk about screenwriting, acting, and the transition to becoming a social media influencer. They also talk about unwanted online attention, their inspirations, and… dinosaurs?

Anonymous Apologies is back with a new episode featuring two new apologies, this time about Catfishing people online and pushing people away. Justin & Luna read two anonymously submitted apologies and respond with their thoughts and feelings.

On In the Now with TechtonicPOP, Jer & Monica talk about R&B music and try to figure out why it isn’t as popular as it once was. R&B rarely makes the top 10 songs, but in the 90s it was R&B all the way! They also list their favorite songs and artists who created music in the R&B space.

On Paradise Privilege, Amber-Tiana makes a top 10 list of Hawaiian things that she isn’t allowed to do, even though she was born and raised in Hawaii. She ends it on a positive note, listing the Hawaiian things that she loves and is allowed to do.

Lastly, we have SuggeStory, where Justin Xavier walks through his writing process turning the submitted sentence “My eight enemies flee; my eight allies grow!” into a complete story. On Saturday, June 29th, the sentence will be “I don’t think I can eat any more of these today.” Write your own story and send it to and it might be read on the show!

Millennial Mission Mix Tape

On Friday, June 14th, the first Millennial Mission Mix Tape was released, entitled “Drama Queen,” complete with 6 brand new tracks written and produced by Amber-Tiana. You can check it out for yourself at the link below!

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June 14, 2019: The Journey So Far

June has been a big month for Millennial Mission Media. We launched not one but TWO new products, The Triple-M Digital Detox and the Millennial Mission Mixtape “Drama Queen,” both of which are the first products the company has ever released!

It feels like only yesterday when Amber & I were sitting down and discussing whether or not we should start a business. In reality, that was almost a year ago, but time flies when you spend every minute of every day working to build something that doesn’t exist yet.

Originally, our first product was going to be an 8-week live broadcasting course to help live streamers up their game and run their shows the Amber-Tiana way. We poured a few months into developing the course and testing it for an audience when we realized that live broadcasting isn’t quite where we need it to be for the course to be viable yet. We needed an alternate solution.

After realizing we’d spent this time developing something the market wasn’t ready to support, Amber decided the best solution was to take a 7 day break from her phone and social media. For 7 full days, she never looked at her phone once. On the second day, she started suffering actual withdrawals. By the seventh day, she felt rejuvenated and energized; ready to take on the world!

This was our solution. We turn the experience of intentionally separating from social media and our collective digital addiction into a fun, refreshing program that incorporated audio, games, thought experiments, positive affirmations, and relaxing activities, all to make the transition from mindlessly scrolling to posting with intention a little easier.

We spent another couple months reaching out to artists and creatives to help collaborate on the workbook portion. Amber got to work creating new audio files for each day of the program. I designed crosswords, word searches, sudoku puzzles, and games for each of the days. By the end of it, we had ourselves the Triple-M Digital Detox. Then we just needed to find a few people to participate.

The first official Community Detox took place from June 1st to June 7th, 2019, and if you want to know how it went, make sure you check out the IG page @millennialmissionmedia to see the participants, their work, and how they feel about the whole process.

In the meantime, the music side of the business decided to put out its first official mixtape with original songs by Founder & Owner of Triple-M, Amber-Tiana! Future versions of the mixtape will feature new artists, new music, digital downloads, and more, and we hope it’s an easy way for people to find up-and-coming artists in the music industry.

If you’re interested in taking part in a Community Detox alongside other social media influencers and addicts, we run a public program from the 1st to the 7th every month. Buy your detox on our website ( before the 25th to make sure you get your detox before it starts, or buy it when you’re about to go on a trip and want to make sure you’re as present in the experience as possible. It’s your experience to create, we’re just helping you on the way!

Use Promo Code DETOX2019TRIPLEM at checkout for 50% off your purchase!

Thank you for being a part of Millennial Mission Media’s journey. We’re happy to have you with us.

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