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By Justin Xavier

Welcome to the Millennial Mission Media newsletter, where we fill you in on some of the best stories & podcasts we’ve covered in the past week, along with all the latest MMM happenings!

First, we’ll catch you up on what’s new on our podcast network before we wrap up with a “Social Media Tip of the Week” to make sure your social game is on point.

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MMM Podcasts

A New Perspective

This week, Amber & Justin talk about Building a Brand! They start off with their Pre-spectives (aka all the experience they had in the past with starting or helping to build brands), then they’re joined by Rochelle Belle, who recently launched a new brand centered on her dog: @IAmOliverBitches!

Rochelle talks about the decision-making process that went into coming up with the name and personality, and how she turned it into a book, “Oliver the Dog’s 30 Small Bits of Wisdom.”

After the interview, Amber & Justin give Rochelle some “next steps” to continue growing her brand, and then discuss the brands they’ve been working on lately and how that process has been.

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A New Perspective on Branding

Broads You Should Know

This week, the Broads cover Lili’uokalani, the first and last Queen of the Hawaiian Kingdom before it was illegally overthrown.

She fought her entire life to maintain the independence of the Hawaiian Kingdom, and attempted to rewrite the country’s Constitution to ensure that Hawaii was for Hawaiians. Unfortunately, she lost the battle, and the way she lost it is truly heartbreaking.

Listen to the story here, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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Image courtesy of @BroadsYouShouldKnow

The MMM Watchmen Podcast

This week, Amber & Justin break down Season 1, Episode 5 of the hit HBO television series Watchmen, entitled, “Little Fear of Lightning.”

We finally get a look at Looking Glass’s backstory and how it ties into the original Watchmen comic. After the episode, stay tuned to listen to a SPOILER segment where they discuss the full season and how episode 5 gave us clues to the ending.

Listen on iTunes:

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Looking Glass watches American Hero Story: Minutemen while acting rather Rorschach-y

The 16th Minute: Life After Limelight

Did you hear Crime Mob is making a comeback in 2020?!

Jeremiah Neil & Monica Soriano of TechtonicPop cover their careers on this week’s episode, starting with their blow-up while they were still in school in Atlanta, all the way through to their breakup. But if the rumors we’ve been hearing are true, Crime Mob isn’t down and out yet. Keep an eye out for what’s on the horizon for the artists, and check out The 16th Minute wherever you listen to podcasts.

Listen on iTunes:

Listen on Spotify:

Crime Mob’s Self-Titled debut album cover

Social Media Tip of the Week

We all want bigger numbers, higher engagement, more likes… but how can you do that without “selling out” or sacrificing who you are?

Instagram PRO TIP: Be Genuine

You see it because we all see it: It seems like the people who get the biggest numbers, the most views, and make the most money are the people who are playing a character, being as loud as possible, or acting a fool.

That method doesn’t work for everyone, and it certainly doesn’t lead to happiness. If you want people to follow you because they like you and the content you’re creating, you need to make sure your content is unique and engaging. The only way to do that is to put into it something that absolutely no one else can: YOU!

If you’re feeling loud one day, put it on the gram! But don’t do it unless it’s really you. Don’t do it because you feel like you’re supposed to. Your audience is going to respond naturally to everything that you are, so let them see the real you.


Thank you so much for reading, we’ll be back next week with another wrap-up and hopefully some very exciting news for what’s coming next from MMM.


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