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Best of the Week | January 5, 2020 | MMM

Welcome to the Millennial Mission Media newsletter, where we fill you in on all the latest happenings with MMM!

First, we’ll catch you up with what’s new on our podcast network this week before we wrap up with a “Social Media Tip of the Week” to help you keep your social game on point.

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MMM Podcasts

A New Perspective

This week, actor Alec Wilson (Broad City, Shared Rooms) stopped by A New Perspective to share his knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons, being a Dungeon Master, and how playing the collaborative tabletop game actually helps build useful life skills, like… how can you get someone to do what you want? How do you tell an engaging story that keeps people coming back for more? And how do you know if you’re ready for something new?

After the interview, Amber-Tiana & Justin Xavier discuss their experiences with collaborative storytelling: Amber with live-streaming and keeping her audience actively engaged for hours at a time, and Justin with screenwriting, and how the collaborative process can be wonderful if done right, and completely maddening when wrong.

Listen on Spotify:

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IG: @mmmpodcasts / @ambertiana808 / @thejustinxavier / @alecmanleywilson

Alec Wilson (Shared Rooms, Broad City) discusses being a Dungeon Master on A New Perspective

Broads You Should Know

This week, Sam Eggers teaches Sara Gorsky & Justin Xavier about the one and only Eartha Kitt!

Born to a single mother, Eartha never knew who her father was. Being a mixed-race child, she faced tremendous discrimination from white and black people alike at a very early age. She persevered, however, and created a one-woman show that was so powerful and moving that Orson Welles plucked her from obscurity to make her a superstar. The story doesn’t end there, however. Check out the podcast to hear about being Blacklisted by POTUS, the search for her father, and her political activism! Or head to for more info!

Listen on Spotify:

Listen on iTunes:

IG: @BroadsYouShouldKnow / @SamLAEggers / @SaraGorsky / @TheJustinXavier

Eartha Kitt is this week’s Broad You Should Know

MMM Watchmen Podcast

This week, Amber-Tiana & Justin Xavier break down Season 1, Episode 4 of the hit HBO series “Watchmen”, titled, “If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own.”

Listen on Spotify:

Listen on iTunes:

IG: @mmmpodcats / @ambertiana808 / @thejustinxavier

Lady Trieu from HBO’s “Watchmen”
“Lube Man” from S1E4 of HBO’s Watchmen: “If You Don’t Like My Story, Write Your Own”

The 16th Minute with TechtonicPop

Jeremiah Neil & Monica Soriano started The 16th Minute to focus on the careers of musicians and performers whose careers were on the rise and then hit a plateau. This week, they focus on Carly Rae Jepsen, whose 2012 song “Call Me Maybe” was an international success. Since then, she’s continued to put the same amount of effort and talent into her music, but none of her work has hit the mainstream the way Call Me Maybe did.

Follow her career from its beginnings on Canadian Idol to the present day on this week’s episode!

Listen on Spotify:

Listen on iTunes:

IG: @TechtonicPop / @ItsJeremiahNeil / @MonicaLSoriano

Social Media Tip of the Week

We all want bigger numbers: more likes, more followers, a more engaged audience… but how do we get that without “selling out” or sacrificing who we are?

Instagram PRO TIP: Direct Commenting

People aren’t following based on the hashtags that you use nearly as often as they were a few years ago. However, hashtags can be useful to find people who have similar interests. Scroll through the hashtag page and *comment* on photos and videos that you find. Engage with the people who have already commented. The more genuine you are, the better the results you will see. When other people / accounts see this type of interaction, they are far more likely to visit your page. From there, it’s on you to make sure you’re posting consistent, engaging content.

For now, get out there, get commenting, and boost those numbers!


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