June 14, 2019: The Journey So Far

June has been a big month for Millennial Mission Media. We launched not one but TWO new products, The Triple-M Digital Detox and the Millennial Mission Mixtape “Drama Queen,” both of which are the first products the company has ever released!

It feels like only yesterday when Amber & I were sitting down and discussing whether or not we should start a business. In reality, that was almost a year ago, but time flies when you spend every minute of every day working to build something that doesn’t exist yet.

Originally, our first product was going to be an 8-week live broadcasting course to help live streamers up their game and run their shows the Amber-Tiana way. We poured a few months into developing the course and testing it for an audience when we realized that live broadcasting isn’t quite where we need it to be for the course to be viable yet. We needed an alternate solution.

After realizing we’d spent this time developing something the market wasn’t ready to support, Amber decided the best solution was to take a 7 day break from her phone and social media. For 7 full days, she never looked at her phone once. On the second day, she started suffering actual withdrawals. By the seventh day, she felt rejuvenated and energized; ready to take on the world!

This was our solution. We turn the experience of intentionally separating from social media and our collective digital addiction into a fun, refreshing program that incorporated audio, games, thought experiments, positive affirmations, and relaxing activities, all to make the transition from mindlessly scrolling to posting with intention a little easier.

We spent another couple months reaching out to artists and creatives to help collaborate on the workbook portion. Amber got to work creating new audio files for each day of the program. I designed crosswords, word searches, sudoku puzzles, and games for each of the days. By the end of it, we had ourselves the Triple-M Digital Detox. Then we just needed to find a few people to participate.

The first official Community Detox took place from June 1st to June 7th, 2019, and if you want to know how it went, make sure you check out the IG page @millennialmissionmedia to see the participants, their work, and how they feel about the whole process.

In the meantime, the music side of the business decided to put out its first official mixtape with original songs by Founder & Owner of Triple-M, Amber-Tiana! Future versions of the mixtape will feature new artists, new music, digital downloads, and more, and we hope it’s an easy way for people to find up-and-coming artists in the music industry.

If you’re interested in taking part in a Community Detox alongside other social media influencers and addicts, we run a public program from the 1st to the 7th every month. Buy your detox on our website (millennialmissionmedia.com) before the 25th to make sure you get your detox before it starts, or buy it when you’re about to go on a trip and want to make sure you’re as present in the experience as possible. It’s your experience to create, we’re just helping you on the way!

Use Promo Code DETOX2019TRIPLEM at checkout for 50% off your purchase!

Thank you for being a part of Millennial Mission Media’s journey. We’re happy to have you with us.

Published by MillennialMissionMedia

Millennial Mission Media is a company built for people who want to make positive changes for a brighter future. We create media and hybrid experiences (physical + digital) that emphasize education, entertainment, and enlightenment in the digital age. We believe in utilizing a digital ecosystem to build a collective of like-minded individuals intent on spreading love, peace, and happiness to our new global community.

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